About Us

NUMiD was founded in 2015 as a 'Network of German University Coin Collections': a collaborative research and digitisation network in the field of academic numismatics at universities in Germany. Since April 2017, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports NUMiD. The database system used by NUMiD already reaches far beyond university numismatics and beyond the borders of Germany, so that in the foreseeable future the network will develop into a more comprehensive 'Digital Numismatics Group | Network of University Coin Collections in the German-Speaking Countries'. The Group will be characterized by a close interaction of museum and university coin collections, and it will cover the German-speaking area at large.

In its current form of an academic collaboration project, NUMiD comprises 42 coin collections at 34 university locations. We are working closely together with the Coin Cabinet of the Berlin State Museums as our non-university project partner in order to support the digitization of the partner collections on the basis of a joint digitization strategy. The partner collections within the network have their own digital coin cabinets with a common database structure and a common set of norm data. The operation of the individual digital coin cabinets, however, is in the responsibility of the individual collections.

As a joint gateway of the NUMiD group, the website numid.online allows a query across all connected digital coin cabinets. Currently, you can browse the following collections using the search functions on numid.online:

- Augsburg
- Bochum
- Braunschweig
- Düsseldorf (University and permanent loans)
- Eichstätt
- Erlangen/Nürnberg (Classical Archaeology and University Library)
- Frankfurt (Archaeology Dept. I and II)
- Freiberg, Saxonia
- Freiburg (Ancient History and Christlian Archaeology / Byzantine Art History)
- Greifswald (Academic Coin Cabinet and Gustaf Dalman Collection and Victor Schultze Collection)
- Halle an der Saale
- Heidelberg
- Kiel (Antiquities Collection and Ancient History)
- Konstanz
- Mainz
- Mannheim
- Marburg
- Münster
- Passau
- Rostock
- Tübingen (Classical Archaeology)
- Tübingen FINT (Research Centre for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen)
- Würzburg

For the other collections of the NUMiD group, which use the digitization concept of the Berlin Coin Cabinet, the implementation of individual digital coin cabinets is still in progress. As soon as another collection goes online with its holdings via an own digital coin cabinet, the objects will also be integrated into the joint gateway on numid.online. The collections in Bonn, Göttingen, Jena, Cologne (classical philology) and Leipzig use alternative digitisation concepts. We hope to be able to include the holidings of these collections into the joint gateway in the near future as well.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports a research and digitization project of the NUMiD group in the period from 1.4.2017 to 31.3.2021 via the funding scheme "Vernetzen – Erschließen – Forschen. Allianz für universitäre Sammlungen".

All important information about the 'Network of German University Coin Collections' can be found at numid-verbund.de.